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Eagles WR Says, “We Gonna Sting They A**” Saturday



    Oh, DeSean Jackson. Will you ever learn? The Eagles’ extremely gifted second-year receiver broke out this season as one of the most dynamic playmakers in the entire league. He made the Pro Bowl at two positions, and he averaged over 18 yards a catch during the season.

    But something about the Cowboys brings out the mental booboos in Jackson. You’ll recall last year that it was Jackson who fumbled away a certain touchdown when he showboated prior to crossing the goal line. Well, Evil DeSean is back. Jackson took to his Twitter feed after the Cowboys crushed the Eagles 24-0 on Sunday to do a little trash-talking:

    Got smashed by them cowboys 2daaaaaay sheeeeesh its all good we gonna sting they ass next week lil buddy

    History is littered with terrible playoff victory guarantees, but I don’t recall a player guaranteeing an NFL playoff victory just one week after his own team was shut out and wiped off the field. I give Jackson credit for his moxie. But Dizz, you really think you gonna sting they ass? From what I saw last week, YOU are the one who got your ass STUNG. Multiple times. The Cowboys stung your ass so often, your team had to be rushed to the hospital due to an allergic reaction. It was a very thorough ass stinging.

    So you’d best raise your game on Saturday night, DeSean. Because, if you don’t, you will once again find yourself not the ass-stinger, but rather the ass-stingee.