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DeMarco Murray Joins The Fantasy Football Waiver Wire Hall Of Fame



    Congratulations, DeMarco Murray! Allow me to be the first to welcome you to the Fantasy Football Waiver Wire Hall Of Fame. Located in an abandoned alleyway in historic East St. Louis, MO, the WWHOF is home to some of the most illustrious midseason, shot-in-the-dark pickups in fantasy football history. People like...

    SAMKON GADO (six TDs in the second half of the 2005 season)

    DEREK ANDERSON (29 TD passes in 2007)

    JEROME HARRISON (over 500 yards rushing in the last three games of 2009)

    VICTOR CRUZ (15th in receiving yardage this season)

    KURT WARNER (MVP in 1999)

    Even your teammate, Miles Austin, is a member of our hallowed society (though, with his recent hamstring injury, he is also now getting a bust in the Fantasy Bust Hall of Shame. The bust will be made out of discarded PowerBars). And now you get to join him.

    After all, with over 450 rushing yards in the past three games, you've earned your place among our ranks. America has a special place in its heart for waiver wire fantasy backs. When you pick up the likes of Jamaal Charles in Week 6 of the 2009 season, you don't soon forget the magic carpet ride of LOVE AND JOY that ensues. It's even more gratifying than drafting a good player, frankly, because a waiver wire back costs you nothing. It's like found money in the street! And because your coach has no faith in your QB, and because Felix Jones gets injured merely by reading his text messages too quickly, I think we can all rest assured in knowing your banner year as THE waiver wire solution for America's worst fantasy teams is bound to continue.

    So congrats, DeMarco. As a token of our gratitude, I present you with this jacket made from generic canned bean labels that have been stitched together. Wear it with pride, good sir.