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K David Buehler: Faster Than A Speeding Receiver?



    Going head to head with a kicker in any feat of strength, within a given football team, is a little like having a fistfight with a child. That is, there is no such thing as winning. You prove the victor, big deal, you pummeled a child and you're now a morally bankrupt cur; if you lose, whoa, you got beat up by a little kid, let's all point and laugh. Best to just avoid the situation all together.

    But these rules may have to be slightly amended for Cowboys' kicker David Buehler who, aside from leading the league in touchbacks as the team's rookie kickoff specialist in 2009, made a name for himself as perhaps the manliest kicker in the modern era of professional football.

    He beat the now-departed DB DeAngelo Smith in a footrace in training camp 2009--saying "He was talking a bunch of trash, so I just shut him up"--and, apparently, his willingness to take on his teammates doesn't stop at hapless fifth round draft picks. 

    Of course, there will be no more extraneous feats of strength and speed at training camp; head coach Wade Phillips put the kibosh on such duels after Buehler's victory over Smith last season. But that didn't stop Buehler from delivering a laundry list of players he thinks he could defeat--hypothetically, of course, after the moratorium on footraces--in a recent interview on ESPN Radio 103.3

    "You know, I think I could [beat Patrick Crayton in the 40]; I think I could," Buehler told ESPN Radio, per the Dallas Morning News. "Nothing against Patrick, you know, but I have confidence in my speed, too, so I think I could beat him. It probably won't happen at practice, or anything like that; it'll just need to be on the side.

    "I think I could beat [LBs] Brooking and Bradie [James] pretty easily. [Laughter] Uh, maybe [RB] T-Choice, you know. I think I could beat T-Choice ... I room with [WR] Kevin Ogletree, and he always wants me to race him, but I know Kevin would burn me. He's one of the fastest guys on the team, so I don't even want to test, go out there and test Kevin's speed."

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