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Darvish Grew Up in Cowboys Household



    Over the past two years, since the Texas Rangers and Dallas Cowboys have been in a turf war for the Dallas-Fort Worth sports fans' attention, there have been some mixed reviews of the Cowboys by Rangers players.

    After winning their first of two straight AL pennants, Ian Kinsler went on record as saying it was a "Rangers town now" and basically inferring that "the team across the street" didn't exist anymore.

    Then, there's relief pitcher Mike Adams, who joined the Rangers at the trade deadline this past summer. Adams is from Corpus Christi and is the self-appointed biggest Cowboys fan ever. He even made the trip down to San Antonio for training camp a time or two, if memory serves me right.

    Now, arguably the Rangers' biggest signing in team history, Japanese pitching phenom Yu Darvish, is coming to town and his dad shed some light on where Yu's allegiances might lie.

    You see, Darvish's Iranian father, Farsad, went to high school in Massachusetts and to college in Florida, and when Farsad was growing up the Cowboys were in their glory days. And Farsad ate it up.

    "I've always been a Cowboys fan," Farsad Darvish told ESPNDallas. "That was the Tony Dorsett era. Roger Staubach was fun to watch, too. They were winning a lot of championships then."

    Farsad even threw some love the way of the NBA Champion Dallas Mavericks when breaking down the DFW sports scene.

    "The baseball and football stadiums are right there, and the Mavericks are not that far," he said. "It's amazing to see top sports and champions all in the same area. I call it a huge sports hub."