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D-Ware A Willing Mentor To Butler



    Over the first three games of the season, Victor Butler has been the Daniel LaRusso to DeMarcus Ware's Mr. Miyagi.

    Butler, a rookie out of Oregon State now leads the team in sacks with two (each coming on Monday night against Carolina), a stat he attributes in great part to his teammate/ sensei DeMarcus Ware.

    "You see a Pro Bowler do something, you might want to apply it to your game, and that's what I was trying to do tonight," said Butler after Monday night's 21-7 victory.

    Aside from merely learning from his teammate, one gets the feeling that Butler is a legitimate fan of Ware's; at least, a lot more of a fan than Daniel ever was of Mr. Miyagi (for reasons I can't conjure).

    "Those are great guys to learn from," Butler continued. "I mean, I got a highlight tape of DeMarcus on my Ipod I watch every game, before, just try to sneak a peek. I mean, we're in the same defense, sneak a peek, maybe steal a move or two."

    And in the spirit of LaRusso using Miyagi's crane technique to defeat the Cobra Kai's Johnny Lawrence, Butler says that he recorded his first and second NFL sacks using the signature move of Ware.

    "Just the double swipe," he said, when asked about his technique. "That's DeMarcus Ware's famous move. Gotta use the double swipe."