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Cuban Considering JerryWorld As Alternate Home For Mavs?



    One gets the feeling that, with the overwhelming (and record-breaking) success of last Sunday's NBA All-Star game, the gears are turning in the heads of Mark Cuban and Jerry Jones.

    Jones, it was reported earlier this week, is already anticipating the possibilities of the NCAA Final Four, which will come to Arlington in 2014; Cuban, according to, is eyeing JerryWorld as a potential regular season venue for his Mavericks.

    "There would be a lot of strategic reasons, in addition to potentially economic reasons, to play a game over there," Cuban said. "You could bring in twice as many fans, so economically it'd probably work out, and it'd be a unique attraction for people who wanted to come play for the Mavs."

    Cuban, who said the move would only come in a limited capacity--no more than a few games a year--discussed the idea on Tuesday night, before the Mavericks took on the Thunder in Oklahoma City. While he wasn't convinced of the venue's merits as they pertain to a basketball game before Sunday, the All-Star Game, apparently, left little doubt.

    "It wasn't something even to consider until we saw how the thing came off Sunday," Cuban said. "We really didn't have any idea of what to expect."

    The idea, while an exciting one, is in its infant stages. Cuban has yet to discuss the idea with Jerry Jones or, his best friend, NBA Commissioner David Stern.

    "You couldn't do it all the time for a lot of different reasons," Cuban said. "But it could [improve homecourt advantage], depending on how you did it. You'd have to make some modifications. You wouldn't necessarily have people all the way up top. You'd just do it kind of for the uniqueness of it every now and then."