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Cowboys Will Remove JerryTron Advertisements



    A definite line was drawn between football fans last week when the league ruled that the JerryTron, which hangs ominously over the turf at Cowboys Stadium like some figment in the mind of George Lucas, could stay; that, in the event that the beast was struck, a do-over would be carried out.

    On one side was the Jerry-endorsed, it's-not-that-big-of-a-deal camp; on the other, those who think of the JerryTron as the worst thing to happen to the integrity of football since the XFL.

    The seething members of the latter camp got a consolation prize today in the form of the Cowboys being forced to take down the advertisements that hang from the bottom of the videoboard. Yes, they're only three feet from top to bottom; but this, I suppose, is progress in JerryWorld.

    The Dallas Morning News reported that the "Mitsubishi" advertisements which run parallel to the field would be taken down and placed elsewhere before the September 20 home opener against the Giants.

    The ad boards hang three feet off the screen, meaning they're only 87 feet above the playing surface--lower than the base of the screen at 90 feet and higher than the league required minimum--which has been vocally criticized of recent--of 85 feet.

    Indeed, as Newy reported earlier, Ray Anderson, vice president of operations admitted that the league's research in such matters was shortsighted and insufficient in the past.

    Regardless, the JerryTron will remain exactly as it is (sans advertisements), at least through the upcoming season.