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Cowboys VP Says Team Will Reevaluate Approach to Backup QBs

Cowboys' backups went 0-7 in the absence of Tony Romo



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    Dallas Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones admitted this week that the team will reevaluate their approach to the backup quarterback position after the current squad proved unable to win a game in the absence of Tony Romo in seven tries.

    "That's a good question,” Jones said when asked about what the front office might have done to avoid a seven-game skid, via the Dallas Morning News. “It's something obviously we'll take a good, hard, long look at in the offseason in terms of how we can do better.

    “Obviously we felt like we were putting together a good team in the offseason. Obviously that didn't work out with us not having Romo at quarterback and not to mention a few other injuries.

    Could we have had a better situation at the backup quarterback to where we're a better offense? That's obviously something we're going to have to address and see how we'll do that.

    “Whether it's going with youth or whether it's getting a more established guy and going ahead and biting the bullet and paying more money for a backup quarterback--those are all things that we'll look at. Right now we are concerned about each and every game this season.”

    Brandon Weeden went 0-3 as Cowboys starter, Cassel 0-4. Romo and the Cowboys were 2-0 when he went down with a broken clavicle in Philadelphia, but of course, that now seems like a decade ago.