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Cowboys V. Giants: Good, Bad, Ugly




    *The headlines tomorrow will scream that the Giants ruined Jerry Jones' big night, and maybe they did. They stole a game, but, for the optimist, stole is the operative word, here. One shouldn't lose sight of the fact that Dallas was a break or two away from a win. This won't do much in consoling the drunken, dejected masses, and it won't help Dallas' record. But it is week two, and Dallas showed some serious ability in a heartbreaking loss to a very good team.

    *The running game showed that it could be everything the fans and the management thought they could be. There is no discernible "step down" from any one back to another, at least not in a general sense. Dallas finished with 251 yards and three touchdowns on 29 carries, and each of the three backs made timely contributions.

    *No punts struck the JerryTron. This may seem trivial, and unnecessary. But if this had happened--in the home opener--it would've been bandied about for no less than three weeks, and Cris Collinsworth, judging by his announcing tonight, would have never put it down.


    *Secondary. Jesus, the Cowboys just can't seem to get it right. Mike Jenkins, Orlando Scandrick and Terence Newman were each beaten thoroughly at times over the course of the game. The athleticism seems to be there; so why is a guy like Mario Manningham catching ten balls for 150 and a TD?

    *Dallas has yet to record a sack in 2009. They led the league in that regard in 2008.

    *Four turnovers led to 24 points for New York. This is not the way to win ballgames.


    *The trip Flozell Adams threw on Justin Tuck, eventually resulting in Tuck being out for the rest of the game; now, I'm all for most anything that harms the Giants, but after the reign of Roy "Horse Collar" Williams, we could do without the claims of thuggery that will inevitably be lobbed in Dallas' direction.

    *Cris Collinsworth seemed like a sophomore girl who thought the senior (Eli Manning) was just unbearably cute, and he ripped Roy Williams for not making an unbelievably difficult catch in the end zone. Besides the two obvious missteps there, and the fact that he spat cliches like a camel spits spit, well, he did an alright job of calling that game.

    *DeMarcus Ware and Marion Barber both ended the game on Dallas' bench. This actually might be the most alarming aspect of a thoroughly heartbreaking game.