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Cowboys Team To Beat In NFC, Says Former Coach



    ESPN analyst and former NFL head coach (albeit a perennially unsuccessful one) Herm Edwards, usually found bickering with former Dallas sportswriter Skip Bayless over the Cowboys-Eagles rivalry, delivered some high expectations for next year's team, going so far as to call them the team to beat in the NFC for 2010.

    Edwards lauded nearly every aspect of the roster as it stands now, with the offensive line being an exception--and, considering the tape from Minnesota, a fairly obvious one.

    "I still believe you have to play good defense, and they do that," Edwards said. "They do not allow a lot of points, you're talking about 15 points a game, and with that, they can get after the quarterback--42 sacks. They've got a young quarterback still in Romo, they've got a strong running game--they have to do something with their offensive line--but I like the Cowboys right now."

    Despite a brutal 34-3, season-ending loss to Minnesota in the divisional round of the playoffs, Edwards believes that Dallas got over the hump, so to speak, in 2009, with a strong finish to December and a playoff victory--the first since 1996.

    "They got over the December swoon, of not being able to win games," Edwards said. "And by the way, the Super Bowl is in Dallas next year."

    In a semi-related note for generally curious readers, Edwards called the New York Jets (his former team) the team to beat in the AFC.