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Cowboys Struggles Extend to the World Wide Web



    Monday was not one of the great days in the history of the Dallas Cowboys. Firing a head coach in the middle of a season is a dramatic admission of failure, especially when it comes at the end of a humiliating five-week stretch that's made the team the subject of ridicule around the entire country.

    The one upside of all that is that the team's website would be flooded with visitors. That's always a nice thing when you're talking to sponsors and advertisers since it doesn't really matter to them why eyes are on the site so long as eyes are on the site. The Cowboys site ranks behind only the main NFL site when it comes to traffic and a surge like Monday's would likely have it on top of the entire football world for a while. Sadly, the Cowboys couldn't even capitalize on this silver lining on a dark day.

    In this season where Jerry Jones can't even get someone to cook him a steak to the desired temperature, it should come as no surprise to learn that the team's official website was dark all day on Monday. Visitors to the site found a picture of kids playing soccer, a logo for Network Solutions and a place to click if they were interested in buying rights to the site.

    Have the Cowboys become convinced that this whole Internet thing is just a dying fad and chosen to consolidate their resources into a team-owned telegram? Was Double J simply refusing to report bad news on the team's in-house news organ? Did Wade Phillips supporters hack the site in a show of support for their deposed idol? Was it the first salvo in the coming cyberwar?

    Nothing quite so interesting. Victor Godinez of the Dallas Morning News brings us the news that the team simply forgot to renew their registration for the domain name. The team has renewed the registration, but, per Godinez, it can take up to 48 hours for all servers to recognize the renewal. It's unclear just who bears responsibility for the mistake, but Jerry Jones Jr. is listed as the administrative contact so we feel safe in assuming this is another black mark against the family that brought you the rest of the disgraceful 2010 season.

    What else can this team fail at this season? Someone should be checking the credentials of the pilots flying the plane to New York for this weekend's game while it's probably best to assign a team of people to make sure that the uniforms are made of actual fabric instead of tissues stitched together in some Balinese sweatshop.

    And, since we're at it, are we actually sure that the Princeton Jason Garrett went to is the same Princeton that is in the Ivy League?

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