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Cowboys Stadium Gets NBA Makeover



    Cowboys Stadium's makeover is almost complete.

    It took a crew of eight around five hours to assemble the hardwood floors in anticipation of Sunday's NBA All-Star Game, and nearly four weeks to give the old girl a new paint job, as the playing surface remained unchanged from the Texas-North Carolina game last December.

    Banners, featuring the All-Star Game logo, have been attached to the sliding-glass end-zone doors, and rows upon rows of floor seats have been installed.

    The attendance on Sunday is expected to shatter the previous attendance record for an NBA All-Star game of 44,735, which was set at the Houston Astrodome in 1989. If Mark Cuban and Jerry Jones have their way, it may even double this previous mark. With additional seats that wouldn't (and couldn't) be present for a football game, Cuban and Jones are eyeing six digits.

    "If the NBA will let it go to 95, there's no reason why it can't go to 100," said Cuban.

    Brett Daniels, Cowboys spokesman, said that the immensity of the event makes it significantly more than a mere 'test-run' for next February's Super Bowl.

    "There’s certainly going to be things we can learn from [the All-Star Game]," said Daniels. "But just to consider that we’re going to have the largest crowd to ever witness a basketball game in the history of mankind, I wouldn’t call that much of a dress rehearsal."