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Cowboys Season-Ticket Holders Balk at Paying During Lockout



    Some Dallas Cowboys season-ticket holders are reluctant to pony up the cash for next season's while the NFL lockout is in effect.

    Despite the uncertainty, the Cowboys are operating business as usual. Payment for season tickets is due May 1.

    "It's quite a big check to write and just give to someone without knowing what's going to happen," said David Pfaff, a longtime Cowboys season-ticket holder.

    "If we don't pay for season tickets in the contract, then we lose our rights to it," Pfaff said.

    "Business As Usual" for Dallas Cowboys

    [DFW] "Business As Usual" for Dallas Cowboys
    Dallas Cowboys fans are being asked to pay up for their season tickets, even though the player and owners haven't reached an agreement on labor issues and the upcoming season is in limbo.
    (Published Thursday, March 31, 2011)

    The New York Giants are the only team so far to give season-ticket holders the option to defer payment until a collective bargaining agreement has been made.

    The NFL and the Dallas Cowboys have already announced they will refund ticket holders for any missed games that are not rescheduled.

    But the Cowboys wouldn't speculate whether the money paid for a personal seat license will be refunded if the lockout continues through the season, according to team spokesman Brett Daniels.

    Hank Wendorf, owner of, said he worries that the money for seat options would be "money down the drain" if there's no football next season.

    "I'm probably more concerned in the investments we have in the seat options because we can't recoup that, and we've already made that payment," he said. "The licenses that we own range from $2,000 to $50,000 a piece."

    With so much money at stake, Wendorf said he hopes the labor dispute will end sooner than later.

    The NFL and 10 players who have filed a class-action anti-trust lawsuit against the league will meet in court on April.