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Cowboys Replay Sunday's Final Drive During Thursday's Practice

The Cowboys used Sunday's exact scenario to practice what went wrong on the final drive against the Giants.



    Cowboys Replay Sunday's Final Drive During Thursday's Practice

    The Cowboys stress focusing on the next opponent, yet during Thursday's practice at The Star there was a reminder of Sunday.

    The facility's scoreboard reflected the Cowboys exact situation to end the Giants game. They started the game's final drive at their own 20-yard line down one point, with 65 seconds left.

    It's a drive, and a game, that ended with wide receiver Terrance Williams staying in bounds after a catch and running out the clock.

    "I'm going to stick up for Terrance. He's literally thinking how far he's got to get out of bounds. He just got caught," said offensive coordinator Scott Linehan. "He's trying to get close enough for Dan Bailey to get a real field goal. He felt like if he ran straight out, he'd have been so far. He was trying to do that right thing, trust me."

    During Thursday's practice, the Cowboys worked on that exact sequence again. Final drive, 65 seconds, down one and no timeouts. This time, Dak Prescott led a drive that resulted in a field goal and a win. However, it's just practice and it doesn't make up for Sunday's loss.

    "It pisses you off having to recap it and think about it, but Coach Garrett he does work those situations, 2-minutes, competitive situations in practice a lot," said tight end Jason Witten.

    "We went back through that phase again and we executed, even though it's not in a game, it's a practice. But it's something that's a learning tool. You know, I think the coaches do a good job making us go through situations like that," said wide receiver Dez Bryant.

    The best teams play great situational football. It almost can't be practiced enough. Terrance Williams and the rest of the Cowboys should learn a lot from Sunday's game, and Thursday's practice.