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Cowboys Players Fret About 2011 Lockout



    As you may know, this entire upcoming NFL season will be played under a cloud of oncoming labor strife. The NFL could lock out players come March 2011. And if that happens, I will personally find everyone responsible and do very bad things to them. YOU SCUMBAGS. I AM MARRIED WITH CHILDREN. FOOTBALL IS ALL I HAVE LEFT TO LOOK FORWARD TO.

    Anyhoo, if you think fans are the only ones dreading the upcoming work stoppage, you would be wrong. Dallas Morning News reporter David Moore talked to some of the Cowboys players and they're also hoping that the 2010 season isn't the end of the good times.


    "We don't know if there is going to be football next year," said linebacker DeMarcus Ware, a Cowboys player rep along with tight end Jason Witten and linebacker Bradie James. "We're all hoping we can get it done.

    "There is a lot of talk about it. There is talk about it every day."

    In that sense, the Cowboys locker room isn’t all that different from your office at work, where people pause during the occasional day-to-day comings and goings to gather and fret over bigger picture issues, like work stoppages and layoffs. It’s hard not to feel for guys like Witten, guys who have given an awful lot to become good players and see that there may come a day when they won’t be allowed to go out and do their job. I don’t think any of those players are rooting for a labor stoppage. Who would?

    I don’t think this impending NFL lockout will the same as the big ’94 MLB strike, where players and owners could be said to equally share blame. I think, if a lockout happens, the owners will get 100% of the flack for it, and rightfully so. You only need to step inside of JerryWorld for three seconds and look at the TV contracts to know that the owners make plenty of cash, and that shutting it all down just because Ralph Wilson can’t charge a decent parking fee is a load of steaming Texas cowpatties.