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Cowboys Offense Keeping It Conservative... For Now



    Cowboys Offense Keeping It Conservative... For Now

    The Dallas Cowboys offense, arguably the most exciting in the NFL at times over the past two years, has been marked this preseason by a more conservative approach, marked by short passes and a reliance on the running game; and, as far as the starters are concerned, this shift has produced some promising results at this early juncture.

    The starters themselves, mirroring their on-field approach, have remained conservative in their comments.

    "We played okay," said Roy Williams after Friday's win. "I had an offsides penalty, we had a crucial fourth and one offsides penalty, so we got to clean those types of things up, but for the most part we did a good job. We'd love to score every drive because that's the kind of talent we have on offense, but it's just a work in progress and we just have to execute."

    Always hinting and never really saying anything definite, Williams seemed to echo the remarks of Tony Romo, which were marked by vague allusions to the team's ability to adapt to opposing defenses.

    "We can do whatever," Williams continued, smiling. "We haven't even taken a shot down the field. We're keeping it conservative and just running our base plays, and just keeping the chains moving."

    While the absence of any downfield shots over the first two games--as well as that of Terrell Owens--has given rise to questions concerning the team's ability to stretch the field, Williams seems content to sit on the home run for as long as is necessary, an idea at which Williams hinted with a smile.

    Asked if deep balls will be seen in the near future, Williams said,"I don't know.

    "We're just hanging out right now. Just holding back, still sitting in this little stable...chilling."