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Cowboys Now Official Contenders



    Cowboys Now Official Contenders

    Nate Silver likes to project stuff with his computer models, and a lot of the times they're dead on, just like at the last couple of presidential elections if you want proof — the dude knows how to project numbers.

    So that should bring some level of excitement to Dallas Cowboys fans after his latest computer projections of possible Super Bowl teams in the NFL came out and included America's Team.

    The projection lists nine teams with what he calls realistic chances to win the Super Bowl this season, meaning they have at least a five percent chance. The leader is the Cowboys' opponent on Sunday, the Seattle Seahawks, who are the favorites at 17 percent, while the Cowboys cracked the five percent barrier for the first time.

    Sure, it's a long shot, but take solace in the fact that the Cowboys aren't one of the 14 teams given less than a one percent chance of hoisting the Lombardi Trophy.