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Cowboys Are The Most Expensive Ticket In The League



    You didn’t think the Double J would build a $1.2 billion stadium and keep ticket prices level, did you? Of course not. According to USA Today, the Cowboys now have the most expensive tickets in the NFL, nearly doubling in cost from last season. Hey, that’s the price you people are gonna have to pay if you want to watch your Cowboys on 60-yard big screen HDTV, surrounded by marble countertops and solid gold pizza boxes.


    The average price of an NFL ticket rose 4 percent this season to $75. The increase was fueled largely by the steep prices at the Cowboys' new stadium, Team Marketing Report's survey of NFL ticket prices said…

    Dallas surpassed New England and now has the most expensive tickets in the league. They average $160, an increase of 90 percent from last season. Twenty-four teams kept their ticket prices stable.

    The sticker shock doesn't end with the cost of tickets, however. The Fan Cost Index -- what it takes to bring a family of four to a game -- is $759 in Dallas, by far the highest in the league.

    Of course, you could lower the cost of bringing the family to Cowboys Stadium by just buying Party Passes. Then, you could bring the family to the game for the relatively low cost of $116. Of course, that’s if you don’t buy a pretzel. Then that cost rises to a still relatively paltry $3,485.

    Most Cowboys fans will happily pay the extra premium to see the team play in their new digs. Ninety-five percent of all seats at the stadium have been sold out for the year, according to the team. Still, that extra expense will at least preclude some patrons from going to the games. Or, it’ll cause fans to pay for more expensive tickets they really can’t afford. That’s just the reality of how the NFL conducts business now. The cheapest NFL tickets out there right now are in Buffalo and Jacksonville, but you can bet neither of those franchises is all that pleased to find themselves being such a relative bargain. The Cowboys raised the average ticket price of the entire NFL with their new stadium. They will not be the last franchise to create such a ripple effect.