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Cowboys Concerned with Gregory's Technique More Than His Size

The Cowboys have Randy Gregory studying tape of pass rushing greats Jason Taylor and Simeon Rice



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    At 6-foot-4, 245 or so pounds, Cowboys rookie defensive end Randy Gregory will be among the more wiry pass rushers you see in the league in 2015. But the Cowboys are less worried about his bulk at this point than his technique, as he learns how to rush the passer in the NFL.

    In a piece on ESPN Dallas on Friday, Jean-Jacques Taylor chronicles the team’s efforts to this point to prepare Gregory, the potential second round steal out of Nebraska, for his first season in the NFL — a process that involves Gregory studying tape of Jason Taylor and former Rod Marinelli pupil Simeon Rice. Both are members of the 100 Sacks Club, among the best pass rushers of their eras, and both were tall, relatively wiry guys.

    "We're just looking at guys who kind of fit his movement, just to see things," Marinelli said. "You don't try to make a player that guy, but both of those guys rushed with great instincts. The awareness, the feel. You try to give guys a look at what it is and why they're so good."

    For his part, Gregory has been trying to bring what he sees on film, from those greats, into practice.

    "I've watched a lot of tape of those guys, and I'm trying to learn some of their moves," Gregory said. “Simeon has a really nice move that I tried in practice today, and that's what I'm trying to do."