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Cowboys Job Will Be Gold For Top Coaches



    As we outlined Tuesday, it's going to take a miracle for Jason Garrett to be the head coach of your Dallas Cowboys next season, and you might even be better off if the tanking continues.

    Garrett needs a change of scenery, and so does the Cowboys locker room. New blood, new face, new everything.

    So a lot of talking heads out there are saying the Cowboys job would not be appealing to the top candidates out there -- most likely Bill Cowher, Jon Gruden and Tony Dungy (if he decides to come out of retirement).

    I call shenanigans on that whole idea.

    For instance, Bill Cowher isn't going to want to go to Carolina, which has actually been rumored because he lives in the Charlotte area, where he has to do a serious rebuilding project.

    Cowher will want to win, and win now. The Cowboys job gives him that opportunity. As much as this team has been awful this season, there is obviously still talent on the squad, and lots of it. It's just a bad team this year with no direction, something Cowher would instantly give it.

    Also, people say guys like Cowher would not want to work for a strong-armed owner like Jerry Jones. I say why not?

    Jones, with all of his faults, has never been shy about paying money to win. That's because his No. 1 objective, unlike some other former owners in this city, is to win championships, not make money.

    Jones has stepped aside before. He did it for Bill Parcells, and Parcells built a perennial 5-11 team into a playoff team and a team that has had a winning record for the past five seasons (entering this season, of course). The only other two teams in the NFL to do that? The Colts and Patriots.

    Then there's Tony Romo. True, his awesomeness might have diminished a bit since 2006 when he broke on to the scene, but he's still a legitimate NFL starter who's still young and still has some unrealized potential. At least that's what the Cowboys hope.

    Cowher would want an established quarterback. Not Jimmy Clausen. Look what he did pre-Ben Roethlisberger and post Ben Roethlisberger.

    So there you have it, Jerry Jones will hire a new coach following this season, and it will be a BIG name.