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Cooley Fires Back On 'Boys Fans



    Cooley Fires Back On 'Boys Fans

    Chris Cooley fired back on Cowboys' fans, and their beloved organization, on Thursday, in a blog post responding to the response he has gotten from a series of videos he released last week, featuring he and pine-jockey/third-string quarterback Colt Brennan mocking Tony Romo and Jason Witten.

    The blog post addresses Dallas' fans, who apparently flooded the comments section of his personal website with angry messages:

    <blockquote>If you're a Cowboys fan don't try to make a point by asking when the last time the Skins won the Super Bowl. Instead ask yourself when the last time Dallas won a playoff game. If you don't like the content on our website, simply don't read it. Calling me a douche and an idiot does not hurt my feelings and neither do fabricated stories. All you do when you comment garbage is offend normal fans and readers. And seriously, the videos are just for fun. I'm not trying to hurt anyone's feeling or improve my on field image. If you watched the video then take it with a grain of salt, maybe even laugh. All I'm trying to do is provide people with a couple minutes of entertainment. Believe it or not, Wit Dog and I are actually friends. I'm sure he was not offended.<blockquote>

    Touche on the playoff question; but one has to wonder just what kind of message he was trying to convey.

    Cooley asserts in the end of the post that he and "Wit Dog" are friends. But he also asserts, earlier in the post, that "Wit Dog" is not a superior player to him, suggesting that fans "go watch game film." (I'm assuming he's referring to game five of 2008 at Philly, when he scored his first and only touchdown of the season.)

    Also, for a screed against pettiness, Cooley comes off as just a tad petty, himself. "2 Pro Bowls are enough that I don't even have to stand up for myself," he says in response to critics of his football abilities.

    Cooley does have a point, though. The videos, while only mildly funny (maybe), don't seem malicious or offensive in any way; which makes this entire incident another chapter of strong, but ultimately harmless mutual enmity between Dallas and Washington. Sticks and stones may break your bones, after all, but internet videos (and being called a douche) will never hurt you.