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Christmas Miracle: Another Team Imploding in December



    No one would ever accuse a proud team like the Cowboys as reveling in the misery of others, but, God, they've gotta be loving the stories coming out of Minnesota right now. They've been there, done that and don't want any part of going back.

    A team that looked like a safe bet to go deep in the playoffs because of their powerful offense unraveling in December is familiar enough, but the added bonus of a selfish star going head-to-head with his coach when the offensive game plan goes a different way is the cherry on top of a sundae the Cowboys were force fed at this time last year. The only difference is that everyone saw it coming with Terrell Owens, while the idea of Brett Favre choking out Brad Childress with a pair of well-worn Wranglers never crossed anyone's mind.

    Oh, we all knew that the other shoe would drop with Favre at some point, but it was assumed it would just come in a flurry of interceptions the same way it always has in the past. In hindsight, it should have been obvious that this was the way things would play out. 

    The Vikings made a deal with the devil, the same deal that the Cowboys made when they brought Owens into the fold. The Vikings went even further, though, when they sent Childress to pick Favre up at the airport to make abundantly clear who was really the boss in their relationship. At least Bill Parcells was around when Owens first got to town to give off the impression that the inmates weren't running the asylum. 

    It didn't turn out to be true, but it was a nice touch. Minnesota made no such arrangements. The airport pickup, Favre calling his coach -- who, we're compelled to mention, is also his boss -- "Chilly," and every other thing the Vikings did to make it obvious that they viewed Favre as more of a messiah than a quarterback were neon signs blaring the truth. They were ignored because the Vikings were winning, but the first moment Childress tried to assert himself the whole thing went toppling over.

    And so the Vikings are at each other's throats while the Cowboys are joining hands and having fun in their usual month of discontent. What a difference a year, and a Favre, makes.