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Chris Christie Doesn't Want Manziel in Dallas



    Under the Tucson Sun
    Katherine Underwood
    Chris Christie speaking in Littleton, New Hampshire, on Friday.

    In one of the more mind-numbing celebrity Cowboys fan stories, New Jersey governor Chris Christie was all over the Cowboys in 2014 when they were going 12-4 and narrowly missing out on a NFC Championship Game appearance.

    In 2015, he was hard to find in the owner's box with his "good friend" Jerry Jones, but on a nationally syndicated radio show recently, Christie spoke out about the latest hot rumor regarding his favorite team saying he wants nothing to do with Johnny Manziel in a Cowboys uniform.

    "I will throw my body in front of the Johnny Manziel train if it heads towards Dallas," Christie told the Hugh Hewitt radio show.

    The host, an Ohio native, replied with, "You're not helping yourself in Ohio, Governor." That could mean he's insulting Ohio folks because he's talking bad about their quarterback, or he's blocking the idea of Manziel in Dallas and keeping him in Ohio, where people want to get rid of him. I think it's probably the latter.

    Manziel, of course, is still under contract with the Browns but new coach Hue Jackson has made it known he wants nothing to do with him, and Manziel has made it known he wants nothing to do with Cleveland anymore and has listed Dallas as his most preferred destination if the Browns trade or release him.

    Now, if Christie could just shut up about the Cowboys and get back to his campaign, I think we'd all benefit.