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Choice's Role Remains In Question



    Tashard Choice took some time on Monday to discuss his role on the team, a subject which has been the point of some contention for some time, now. The reason for this is the disconnect between Choice's production when afforded an opportunity--he averages 5.3 yards per carry for his career--and his playing time, which is usually paltry.

    Basically, Choice is most often the odd man out in the Cowboys running back rotation, which presents the Dallas brain-trust with a curious problem: What's to be done with all these running backs? It presents Choice with a future that is wholly unsure. Whether the team would be willing to deal Barber, we're not sure. It certainly seems doubtful that they would part ways with the young, dynamic Jones.

    However, many see Choice as Dallas's most reliable runner, with both of the aforementioned backs losing time with injury in each of the past two seasons. In the event of these injuries, Choice has stepped up and performed better than anyone could reasonably expect. Suffice it to say Choice, who is under contract through the 2011 season, has ample support among fans.

    "The situation is cool," Choice said. "But my situation is the one that's different from everybody else's. I want to be back. I think I should, but you never know. We have three guys who can absolutely play. Hey, sometimes, it's a business, man."

    Choice, who was relegated mostly to work out of the Razorback set in 2009, remains positive, but admitted some frustration.

    "I don't know," said Choice, of the 2009 season. "That's a tough one, too. I know we ain't where we want to be and it hurts. I'm totally frustrated. But I'll be alright."