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Celek Responds To Brooking



    Last week, Dallas Cowboys' linebacker Keith Brooking offered his opinion of the Eagles' decision to shop quarterback Donovan McNabb after 12 seasons with the team; aside from lauding McNabb, Brooking defended the veteran, and blamed Philadelphia's season-ending loss in Dallas on the predictability of the Eagles' play-calling.

    Apparently, at least on Eagle was peeved by this theory.

    Tight end Brent Celek was on ESPN Radio's "Galloway and Company" on Monday--the show on which Brooking made his comments--to counter Brooking and offer a little early-spring bulletin board material of his own.

    "That kind of irked me a little bit,"said Celek, per ESPNDallas.com. "I don’t think they knew exactly the plays we were running when we were running them. You know, they played better than us in those games, and I’ll give them credit. They did do a good job. But for him to say that, I totally disagree with him.

    "I tell you what, I can’t wait to play him next year."

    Asked what he'll say to Brooking when the teams meet in 2010, Celek said that--whatever it is--it isn't suitable for broadcast.

    "Every time we went down there, you see him trying to get the crowd riled up on that big jumbotron," said Celek. "It gets me going. I can’t wait to play him again."

    Point taken; but it's a little curious that, after scoring a grand total of 14 points in two games at Cowboys Stadium to end the season, a promotional video, of all things, is the well from which Celek draws his motivation.

    Whatever works, I suppose.