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CONSPIRACY! Romo Put On IR Because He Got Engaged!



    I love conspiracy theories, and I love them even more when they come right from the Jay Mariotti “Look! That Guy Wears His Hat Backwards!” School of Intellectual Study (it’s a very small school). Which brings us to this awesomely nonsensical theory from regional FOX writer Keith Whitmore, who thinks that Tony Romo was finally placed on Injured Reserve by the Cowboys because he got engaged and not, you know, because his collarbone is broken.

    Perhaps it’s merely a coincidence, but Romo got down on one knee Thursday and proposed to girlfriend Candice Crawford. The following Tuesday, Romo was placed on the injured reserve list by the Cowboys, making him ineligible to play the rest of the season.
    Perhaps the Cowboys thought that if Romo went to the trouble of getting engaged midseason, his mind isn’t completely on football… It’s natural to speculate that the engagement and the roster move were connected somehow because the two events happened so closely together.

    I love that last line, because it makes absolutely no sense. Did you realize that Christmas is two days away and that Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell was just repealed? COINCIDENCE?! I THINK NOT!

    Romo can still barely throw a football, so I think the fact that he isn’t healing all that quickly was probably the major factor in the Cowboys’ decision, and not, OMG! HE GOT ENGAGED! SEND THAT YOUNG PUNK TO IR TO TEACH HIM A LESSON! Call me nutty.

    But I salute Whitmore on his effort to somehow link getting engaged with the perception that Tony Romo is too cavalier in his approach to football. It takes real dedication to make that kind of stretch. Few have the gumption to attempt it. You certainly wouldn’t want to propose to anyone while trying it.