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Buffalo Bill to Play Cowboys in Former Backyard, Literally



    Sunday's Cowboys game will be quite a homecoming for one member of the opposing team.

    The Buffalo Bills running back Fredrick Jackson (#22) will be playing literally in his former backyard and taking on the team he was a lifelong fan of -- the Dallas Cowboys.

    Jackson's whole family will be watching. His identical twin brother, Patrick, drove to Arlington Saturday to cheer him on. Their mother, Latricia, still lives in Arlington in a home around the corner from Cowboys Stadium. But the family used to live even closer -- in a house that had to be demolished to make way for the stadium. The southeast corner of the stadium is where their home used to sit.

    "I can't wait to go find some Bills fans and welcome them to Texas," said Latricia. "I'm glad that he's coming home. I'll be a lot happier once we beat them," meaning, when the Bills beat the Cowboys.

    Buffalo Bill to Play Cowboys in Former Backyard

    [DFW] Buffalo Bill to Play Cowboys in Former Backyard
    Fredrick Jackson comes to play at Cowboys Stadium -- which was built on his childhood home.
    (Published Saturday, Nov. 12, 2011)

    "Blood is thicker than water," said Patrick.

    Patrick and Fredrick both played football at Lamar High School in Arlington and Coe College in Iowa, but only Fredrick went pro.

    "It wasn't a dream. It was a reality. We knew it was going to happen. It was just a long and dusty road to that," said Latricia.

    It still stirs up a friendly rivalry between the 30-year-old brothers. Patrick says he's still the better football player.

    Joking aside, Patrick is proud of his brother, who is older by one minute.

    "He's a phenomenal athlete. He has a heart of a champion," said Patrick.

    Their younger sisters are decorating posters to hold up in the stands, while their mother sings and hollers for her son's team. She says they're the loudest fans.

    "I'm going to be bananas. I'm going to be bonkers. I'm going to be insane," said Patrick.