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BooBirds Land In Dallas... And Why Not?



    A lot of people, prognosticators and sports bar-patrons mostly, have compared JerryWorld to the new Yankee Stadium. As I've never been to the new Yankee Stadium, I can't much comment on that in any credible manner; one thing seems for sure, though. The boos that echoed through JerryWorld in the first half were pervasive, audible enough, to make one swear he was watching a game in the Bronx.

    With three minutes and change left in the second quarter, the home fans began booing loudly, as another scoreless Dallas drive wrapped up.

    The roof is down. 90,000 people are in attendance. To say the least, it got a bit loud.

    While novel, to some degree, the uneasy feeling is wholly understandable. Aside from a fairly convincing (at the time) win over the miserable Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Dallas hasn't shown the fans a damn thing since December 14 of last year, when they beat New York 20-8.

    Basically, the onus is on the Dallas Cowboys to silence the critics, both around the country and in their stadium, the latter of which count themselves as a part of their fan base.

    It seems fairly absurd to say this in week three, but this second half will be absolutely crucial (or at least as crucial as just about anything in the first three weeks) to Dallas' season. They'll have to convince the fans in Cowboys Stadium tonight that this edition of Dallas is worth cheering for, and worth spending their hard-earned money on; and the sooner the better, for the Cowboys, and everyone else.