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Bill Callahan Says Playcalling is up to the Head Coach

Callahan will likely take over play-calling duties in 2013



    Back in October, long before it was announced that Jason Garrett would be relieved of his offensive play-calling duties, offensive line coach/offensive coordinator Bill Callahan said that it was up to Garrett whether or not he wanted to do double duty as head coach and play-caller.

    Only now, it doesn’t seem that it was. While Garrett was quick to accept the decision, we doubt that he went to Jerry Jones and asked to have his load lightened, meaning that, really, the decision was up to Jerry all along (not that this is surprising at all). 

    Now, Callahan figures to take over for Garrett where play-calling is concerned and judging by his remarks a few months back, the former Raiders head coach is confident that he can do what’s asked of him.  

    “I think it’s whatever the head coach feels comfortable with,” Callahan said, per the Dallas Morning News. “I think each head coach has their own preference of how they want to deal with play-calling and I know as I did when I was a head coach, I dealt with it in a different manner, but I feel very comfortable and have great confidence in how Jason handles the play-calling here. It’s a system he’s very familiar with, a system that I have familiarity with coming from New York [Jets]."

    “It’s the same type of system. It’s the digit system, but I just think a play-caller, knowing the players working with those skill guys every day, he has a tremendous feel and not to say I don’t understand it or get it, I certainly do, but I spend the majority of my time with the offensive line and he spends the majority with the skill guys. I have a great understanding of what we’re doing, but ultimately it’s coach’s call. It’s his role and what he wants to do.”