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Bennett's All-Business Approach to '09



    Bennett's All-Business Approach to '09

    Seeing as how Martellus Bennett is a generally hilarious guy, usually seen joking with the press and/or his teammates and/or his friends on Youtube, it's easy to forget that Bennett is also a freak, one half of the NFL's most dangerous tight end tandem.

    The second-year Bennett is approaching 2009 in a manner both reassuring, for Cowboys fans, and completely in-line with the team as a whole.

    Namely, with a lot to prove.

    "I just came out to have something to prove this year," Bennett said. "I'm more confident, I'm a real confident guy. I had to work hard to be the type of guy I like to be on the field, and talk trash whenever I can, and do whatever I want to do. I mean, I was going to work hard regardless of what the offense was."

    That offense will likely include a lot of tight end-love (wow, that sounds dirty) for the opposition, a manifestation of the team's thoughts on Bennett on draft day two years ago, when Jerry Jones remarked that they brought Bennett in, not as a back-up, but to add "a new dimension to the offense."

    With Jason Witten, the cream of the NFL's tight end crop, opposite Bennett in this 'new dimension', the former Aggie sees a golden opportunity.

    "Witten's probably going to get bracketed and double teamed a lot so I'll probably end up getting a lot of one-on-ones, so I have to win my one-on-one battles," Bennett said. "You know, every play you got to win your one-on-one battle out there and give the quarterback a chance to throw the ball to you."
    Bennett, in this new set, could very well be embarking on a breakout type season; he caught only twenty passes in his rookie year, but four went for paydirt, and he proved to be a potential cog in the red zone. Just what his role will be will largely depend on how the defenses opposite Dallas react.
    But whatever the case, whatever the scenario, Bennett will be ready. No joke.