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Bags With "Bling" Helping Women With NFL Rule

New Stylish Bags Helping Women With NFL Bag Rule



    Dallas Cowboys fans are finding stylish ways to deal with the NFL's clear bag policy. Bella Artistry helped create new clear bags with style that women can take into AT&T stadium. (Published Monday, Sept. 23, 2013)

    As the NFL enters week three of the season, women are figuring out how to work their game day fashion around the leagues new clear bag policy.

    At AT&T stadium, women can still carry a regular clutch purse, no bigger than 5x8 inches.

    But Julie Torres says a 100 dollar Cowboys bag she bought at the stadium pro-shop is no longer allowed.

    "They're beautiful. They're great. But you can't bring them in," said Torres.

    Some women are choosing to abandon purses all together saying it's liberating.

    "It's easier," said Terica Breaux.  "My husband carries everything and I don't need to carry anything."

    Breaux says she just has her husband carry everything in his baggy pockets.

    Gemmi Schottenheimer is married to the Rams offensive coordinator. She said because she always has her two kids with her at the game, going without a bag was not an option.

    She enlisted the help of her friend, Leah Miller who owns Bella Artistry. The company has made sparkly custom jerseys and other items for pro-sports teams for a while. And with the new purse policy, she started making hand bags.

    Dallas Cowboys fan Carissa Pereira saw Schottenheimer's bag and ordered one for herself.

    "I just kind of did the simple design and it can fit everything that I need in it," says Pereira.

    And while the bags are not Louis Vuitton or Gucci, Pereira says there's one thing you can say about plastic.

    "This clear goes with everything!"

    Click on this sentence for a link to Bella Artistry.