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Bad News For The Longhorns?



    Roy Williams will be on the Texas sideline at the Cotton Bowl on Saturday, when the Longhorns kick off against the Sooners at the ungodly hour of 11 a.m. local time for the latest installment of the AT&T Red River Rivalry. Alumni support, of course, is always a welcome factor in the game, but this could be a potentially damning situation for Texas.

    And Williams knows this.

    Williams played for the University of Texas from 2000-2003; over this span, the Longhorns were swept by Oklahoma in the Red River Shootout (as it was called then) by an average of a little more than 30 points.

    Needless to say, this was an era of unflinching dominance for the Sooners. On the 2000 National Champion team alone, 12 players would go on to play in the NFL. Thus the annual decisive beatdowns of Texas at the Cotton Bowl; and the coachable receiver had a front row seat for it all.

    Perhaps that's why Williams made such a bold statement to the press on Thursday:

    "If [the Longhorns] lose this game, I'll never go to another OU game ever in my life," Williams said. "Never. Because I'm 0-4, so if I go to the game and they lose, then it's me. So if they lose, you'll never see me on the sideline in Dallas ever again."