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Austin Healthy, Ready For Sunday



    Miles Austin gave Wade Phillips a scare, and a bit of a wild goose chase last week, when a hamstring injury--which Austin told Phillips was nothing--turned out to be slightly more serious than nothing.

    "I guess I talked to the wrong person. I talked to him and he said he was fine," Phillips said on Monday. "[It's] a little different than I thought. It's more of a concern than I had previously. It looks like he'll be practicing full speed on Wednesday. But we'll see."

    As it happened, Austin did return on Wednesday. Speaking with reporters on Thursday, the mysterious injury was back to the initial level of, well, nothing, for the fourth-year receiver.

    "Yeah," Austin said when asked if he was 100%. "Yeah, if ever I'm out there, I'm a hundred percent."
    This is a good thing; because when I, and probably many Cowboys fans, hear the words "Miles Austin" and "injury" in the same sentence around this time of year, a loathsome sort of deja vu sets in.
    Austin will be charged with being a cog in Dallas' new look, kind of Marxist offense, a role which he embraces but has, in past seasons, been unable to cash in because of injury, among other factors.
    "Yeah I like it," Austin said Thursday. "I like you guys over here by my locker. There's nothing wrong with that. But yeah, hopefully every time the ball comes to me I'll be making plays, I'll be blocking for the running backs, I'll be doing what I can and I'm sure all the other guys on the team will be doing what they can to help us win."