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An Inside Look in the Cowboys Owner's Box



    Watch any Cowboys game, and you'll see the cameras pan to Jerry Jones' 50-yard line suite. But what's it like inside? More at and (Published Monday, Aug. 5, 2013)

    Watch any Cowboys game, and you'll see the cameras pan to Jerry Jones' 50-yard line suite.

    "I think I spend more time in here than I do my own closet," said Charlotte Anderson, Jones' daughter and the Cowboys chief brand officer.

    So what's it like inside?

    Anderson said it's "usually full of family, because we definitely have a big family."

    Keeping up with the Joneses means keeping up with her Jerry Jones' three kids, their spouses and nine grandkids. It's a family business, and Anderson, his only daughter, says everyone, even the little ones, have a say.

    "I think they see what it takes to be involved," she said. "This is not a free ride. Everyone works very hard, and the reward is great. Things are not always great. I like to say we're on a roller coaster not a merry-go-round."

    For her part, Anderson oversees the famous Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders.

    She was recently tapped by the NFL commissioner to chair the NFL Foundation, which centers on keeping kids safe on the football field. The role is near and dear to Anderson's heart.

    "Both of my sons play football, and I worry about injury there, but I know their helmets fit right," she said. "I know what to do when they are injured, and I think that's very important."

    Anderson is also part of the NFL movement to recognize female fans with lady-friendly apparel. Forty-five percent of fans are women.

    "Now they're launching in Vogue magazine and InStyle, and you'll see this," she said. "I'm part of that campaign, and it's a really exciting effort to bring something new and different to females."

    During home games, Anderson plays hostess in her dad's suite, often to celebrities. She won't name names, but said some just dial up Valley Ranch and ask for a suite ticket.

    "I guess that's how that works," she said. "They just call and, when you recognize the name, you take the call."

    The Joneses have owned the Dallas Cowboys for almost 25 years. And each member has a calling and a football dream, Anderson said. One of her sons, for example, was a helmet carrier at training camp a few years ago.

    "He tells me he wants to grow up to be DeMarcus Ware, but my 18-year-old wants to grow up to be Jerry Jones!"