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Aikman Wants To Ditch The Helmets?



    Former Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman has been a fairly outspoken critic of the NFL's new, ultra-sensitized stance on concussions for about as long as the policy-changes went into place this year, so it's no surprise that he continued on the thread in a recent article in the Sporting News (via Pro Football Talk).

    Aikman, who would be in the concussion Hall of Fame, if such a hall were to exist, argues that while safety is important, violence and potential injuries are ineluctable side effects of strapping on a helmet and shoulder pads. Therefore, he has wondered aloud whether the NFL is chasing its tail in some respects.

    It is a valid argument.

    "My belief is that when you decide to play football -- just like those who choose to be firemen or policemen -- you are also accepting the inherent risks involved with the profession," Aikman says.  "You may break some bones.  You may tear up your knee.  And you may suffer head injuries."

    Granted, but what is to be done to, you know, make the game safer?

    "For years, I've said the best way to eliminate head injuries is to take away helmets," Aikman says. "Players would be a lot less willing to jump in and stick their heads in if their noggins weren't protected.

    "I used to say that tongue-in-cheek.  But I'm starting to believe that's a pretty good idea."

    We'll let you decide if this is a realistic proposal or, kind of ironically, concussion talk on the part of Aikman.

    Yours in the comments.