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Aikman Du Jour



    Hall of Fame quarterback Troy Aikman is no stranger to the advertising world. He's hocked Acme bricks alongside a smart-mouthed chimpanzee and been featured in a series of Wing Stop ads, alongside a smart-mouthed Jerry Jones.

    Now, according to, Aikman will become the face of Campbell's Chunky soup.

    Campbell's, according to the report, is revamping their advertising campaign significantly for the first time in the line's 40-year history. Gone will be the television spots featuring Michael Strahan, DeMarcus Ware and others; who build up a remarkable appetite while playing pickup football in the rain, only to find a steaming, hearty, delicious bowl of soup on the sidelines.

    (Ah, if only life was a soup commercial.)

    The company will maintain ties to the NFL, however, featuring the league's shield on cans and in-store promotions. Further, the Hall of Famer Aikman will be featured in magazine ads as a part of the company's new health and activity-focused campaign.

    According to the report, Campbell's "has recruited Hall of Fame quarterback Troy Aikman as a spokesman to embody [the] 'male meal dilemma' from an active dad’s perspective. Aikman will appear in three issues of Men’s Health under a new partnership the Chunky brand has with the publication."

    There's little doubt that Aikman will fill this role deftly; but I'll take buffalo wings and garlic fries every time.