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Adams, Tuck Take To Name-Calling



    Giants' defensive end Justin Tuck had to censor himself in the wake of yesterday's 31-24 win over Dallas, when he was asked about Cowboys' tackle Flozell Adams.

    In September, in the first quarter of the first meeting between the teams, Adams tripped Tuck on a play that resulted in a fine for Adams and a game-ending shoulder injury for Tuck. Perhaps if Adams had kept his nose clean yesterday, the initial incident would have been forgotten about all together. Of course, this wasn't the case.

    Adams, for whatever reason, went after Tuck on the last play of the first half yesterday, a missed Dallas field goal attempt that had been blown dead. The tackle flattened Tuck from behind before grabbing Mathias Kiwanuka's facemask, all but inciting on on-field donnybrook. Both teams intervened, though, leaving the remaining blows to be dealt after the game, as the combatants spoke to the press.

    "I didn't have to find out what it was about," Tuck said. "It takes a coward and some more words that I can't say right here to push a guy in the back when the play is dead."

    Tuck went on to call Adams a "dirtbag."

    "A few guys in Dallas I really admire as people," Tuck said. "He’s not one of them."

    In response, Adams called Tuck a "nobody."