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Choice Dubs Dallas' Wildcat Offense "TC" for Tashard Choice



    On Sunday against the Eagles, Tashard Choice ran out of the Razorback set three times for 13 yards, an unimpressive facet of the game on paper, but to viewers of Sunday night's battle for NFC East supremacy, an obvious step up from the Eagles, and what is appearing more and more to be a failed experiment in Michael Vick.

    Choice had a 10-yard run negated by a hold, and a pair of crucial two-yard scampers, one resulting in the game's first touchdown, the other in an ever-important first down; I wrote earlier this week that this was perhaps the beginning of a new day for the Cowboys, and Choice in particular, a talented runner who has spent his first year and a half in the NFL fighting for time with the likes of Marion Barber and Felix Jones.

    To that end, perhaps I was correct; only it won't be the "Razorback" that results in more carries for Choice, or even the "Wildcat." Hell, according to the Georgia Tech product, there's no such thing as Razorbacks or Wildcats in the Cowboys' offense.

    "TC--that's what it's called, baby," Choice proclaimed on Wednesday. "It's called TC. That's what it's really called. Yeah--no Wildcat. It's me, going in the game: TC. That's what it's called."

    The debut of the nominally debatable formation, says Choice, was only a matter of time. The sophomore made clear this week that the set only needed a chance to get the proverbial wheels turning; from here, it is a game of ironing out the details on this newest facet of an already adept offense.

    Needless to say, the set has a loyal fan and very possibly a campaign manager in Choice.

    "It could work in every game. We'd run it once in a while, and if we messed up, we didn't go back to it," Choice said. "This game, it started off right, so we just kept, coach kept calling the play, getting me in the football game, so I guess we'll just continue to do that."