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150 Days Until Super Bowl Sunday



    In just 24 hours, North Texas will dip a toe in uncharted waters -- Super Bowl waters.

    Cowboys Stadium will host the XLV Countdown, an event featuring a Tim McGraw performance, a tribute to the team's 50th anniversary, a Van Cliburn performance and more.

    "This is an eclectic array of performers at one of the largest venues in the world," said Bill Lively, the CEO of the Super Bowl Host Committee.

    As of Thursday, only 1,500 tickets for the event were still available. But be prepared for traffic -- the Texas Rangers also host the New York Yankees on Friday night. The first pitch is scheduled for 7:05 p.m., just 25 minutes before the start of the XLV Countdown.

    150 Days Until Super Bowl XLV

    [DFW] 150 Days Until Super Bowl XLV
    Arlington is host to the Countdown XLV a combination of a party counting down to Super Bowl XLV and celebration of 50 years of Dallas Cowboys football.
    (Published Thursday, Sept. 9, 2010)

    "No host committee in history has done something like this production," Lively said. "This is a signature event."

    No Super Bowl host committee has ever had a $40 million budget, either. Some have functioned on as little as $10 million.

    Lively said he's keeping with Texas tradition for the world's largest one-day sporting event and is doing things big.

    "This region is a different, this stadium is different, or expectations are different, so we're building our airplane in flight," he said.

    But can Lively land the plane? Are there enough hotels or homes to rent? Will the events be safe? And most importantly -- with no mass transportation system connecting all the cities involved, how will people get to all the events they want to attend?

    Lively said everything is in place for success

    "There will be thousands of scheduled buses and vans and charters as well as cars," he said. "The goal is to have drivers that know the territory, have routes that are reliable. We're ready for this."

    There's only 150 days before Super Bowl XLV, with hundreds of loose ends to tie up and thousands of volunteers to coordinate. Two years of planning will come down to one Sunday in February -- and it's a pass-fail test.

    "There's no margin for failure," Lively said. "You've got to do it right."