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Hilfiger Redesigns Cowboys Uniform



    by Bruce Felps

    Apparently, editors at ESPN The Magazine have a little free time on their hands.

    They asked fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger to redesign — just for giggles, evidently — what might be the four most traditional and classic uniforms in professional sports, one from each of the big four, and yes, I count hockey among the big four.

    Hilfiger took on the L.A. Lakers, the N.Y. Yankees, the Montreal Canadiens, and your Dallas Cowboys. The results are underwhelming.

    Les Habs would look like beauty pageant contestants with that diagonal stripe across the sweater, but let’s turn our attention to the fantasy redesign for the Cowboys.

    First off, Tommy, you do not mess with the star on the helmet. That image is sacrosanct, unless, of course, you’re Jerry Jones going with the white star on the throwback hats and shirts to generate extra revenue in merchandise sales.

    All the little phoofy stars on the shoulders are just, well, phoofy. This ain’t no powder-puff league team, Tom … last season excluded.

    Hilfiger even managed to work in his original crest label into the design.  (See his handiwork here)

    Tommy, Tommy, Tommy, stick with the fickles of fashion — something, as paraphrased from Mark Twain, so heinous it must be changed every three months — and leave sports uniforms to … who does design those things?

    Bruce Felps owns and operatesEast Dallas Times, an online community news outlet serving the White Rock Lake area. He is a sports traditionalist. In fact, he thinks defenses should actually be allowed to hit a quarterback.