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Joe Theismann On Tony Romo: "I Fear For His Safety."



     Joe Theismann On Tony Romo: "I Fear For His Safety."
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    Joe Theismann quarterbacked Washington to a Super Bowl XVII win over the Miami Dolphins and he’s never lacked for opinions.

    Theismann says Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo needs to hang it up.  He told NBC Sports Radio’s Mark Malone, he is concerned about Tony Romo’s health saying, “I don’t think Tony Romo should ever play football again. I fear for his safety.  I go all the way back to the play he got hurt on. The one play he got hurt on in the preseason. And it  didn’t look like to me, he could get out of harm’s way and with the speed and size and the nature of our game and the men that play it, if you can’t protect yourself it’s just a matter of time till you get injured.”

    Theismann’s career ended via injury on Monday Night Football in November 1985. He knows something about injuries and he believes another injury to Romo could be lurking when he told host Mark Malone, “Remember that collarbone hasn’t been tested.  We’re just talking about a back right now…which by the way, has gone through the third problems that they’ve had.”

    Jerry Jones told the media Romo was his “number one quarterback” after the Cowboys beat Cincinnati at home October 9th.  Theismann now questions Jones’ thought process saying, “Although I do think Jerry is extremely loyal to Tony and I think he envisions Tony Romo a little bit like the Denver Broncos used Peyton Manning but on the other side of it, why disrupt something that has been working so well for you?  It’s so hard to find what the Cowboys have right now with Dak and Ezekiel why would you disrupt that?”

    Theismann’s take is not unpopular right now.  Many former signal callers (Troy Aikman, Brett Favre to name a few) think Prescott should remain the Cowboys starter.  Add Joey T to the Dak Team, “That’s the question I would ask Jerry: If you are gonna make a change, why? Why? Because you want Tony to play? That is not a good excuse to me.”