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Link Love: 1st Look's Ali Fedotowsky Is Making the Rounds!



    Have you heard the buzz?  The word on the street?  Whats coming through the grapevine? 

    If not, we're here to help! The wonderful, talented, brilliant, and multi-hyphenated tour-de-force Ali Fedotowsky is joining us on "1st Look!" She'll be taking you with her to all of the best places to eat, play, and indulge across the country. In case you missed our lovely new host discussing her new adventures, check out these links!
    "I take you to the best places to eat, play, and indulge!" [TODAY show]
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    "I will do anything once. When I tried out for the job, I said I would eat a rotten egg… and then for my very first shoot…" [New York Live]
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    "I'm excited for people to see me take on new challenges!" [NBCUniversal Direct]
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     "I would never do it again… but when in Rome!" [Access Hollywood Live]
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    "Its taking the viewers along with me to… experience the coolest things to do!" [Kiss 108 FM]
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    "I'm doing what I love. I'm going on the road, meeting new people, and doing new things!" [Fox & Friends]
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    "We'll show you… the 6th best restaurant in the world… or a $5 burger! There's something for everyone." [VH1 Big Morning Buzz]
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    "Ali Fedotowsky is waiting tables now..." [USA Today]
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    “Right now I’m single and I really need to be because I’m so busy. But if I happen to meet someone, then great.” [Boston Herald]
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    "It's not a bad gig to travel around the country and go to all the coolest places..." [Allie is Wired]
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    "Bachelorette fans... will get a few pointers on how to really enjoy life with Ali showing the way." [The Examiner]
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    "She’s been “so busy” working on her new series,1st Look, which premieres Saturday night on NBC." [Celebuzz]
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    "... she did NAIL the outfit she wore to Fox & Friends this morning." [Fox & Friends]
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