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NBC 5 encourages you to volunteer today with VolunteerNow. With the support of local visionary philanthropists, VolunteerNow engages volunteers through its most ambitious and innovative project to date – VOLY.org. This volunteer matching portal boasts more than 1,000 nonprofits that list hundreds of volunteer opportunities every day, for more than 20,000 registered volunteers.

For volunteers, VOLY.org is the trusted online volunteer community that makes it easy to discover and live their passions for service. For nonprofits, VOLY.org showcases their unique causes, reaches new volunteers, and communicates real-time updates about their organizations.

By engaging 40,000 volunteers through VOLY.org, VolunteerNow drives 1.1 million hours given and generates a $28 million impact. Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, volunteers can find meaningful, impactful work to give back and change their community. VOLY.org connects volunteers to a wide range of volunteer opportunities, including critical nonprofits that they may not even know exist.

Join the volunteer movement at VOLY.org. Volunteers change everything!

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