Tracy’s Race To Teach Melanoma Facts

Tracy's Race 2013

A mom's effort to fulfill her dying daughter's wish has resulted in the first ever "Tracy's Race Against Melanoma 2013."  It will be held Saturday, May 25, in Fort Worth's Trinity Park.

"I have been told the first race is always the most difficult but we are moving right along," said Ann Harris.

Harris' daughter Tracy, 40, died in 2008 after melanoma spread from her left breast into her right lung.  Right before she died, Tracy asked her brother Lance to "tell my story".
Lance and his mom Ann granted that wish with the Tracy Harrison Foundation for Melanoma Awareness. It's goal is to save lives through teaching others about the causes of melanoma, early detection and prevention while also supporting research towards finding a cure.
"Melanoma is such a freaky thing," described Ann Harris in a story NBC 5 aired in 2010 ( "It's like those flowers you blow and it goes like this."
Ann Harris hopes the inaugural race in honor of her daughter will help families learn the painful lessons she was forced to learn as she watched Tracy battle cancer.


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"For this being the 1st race, we have about 150 people and more registrations coming in.  They tell me that on the day of a race people will show and we are prepared for them, too," said Harris.

Trinity Park - Pavilion 1
2300 W. 7th St, Fort Worth
Saturday, May 25
7:45am - 1 mile Kids' Run/Walk
8am - 5K Run/Walk

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