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The Concilio aids underserved Latino communities amidst Covid-19

The Concilio: Mom and Daughter
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NBC 5 is providing you with resources to prepare your child for academic success. Our community partner, The Concilio, has been unlocking educational opportunities for Latino families in North Texas for 40 years. They serve families with students in the North Texas public school system regardless of race, ethnicity or language. The Concilio works to bridge the gap for underserved communities.

The educational divide continued to grow due to the Covid-19 pandemic and shift the landscape of learning. After school closures in March of 2020, learning moved online where younger students struggled to progress effectively. Despite this set back, the Concilio continued to aid underserved communities amidst the Covid-19 pandemic.

According to the Texas Education Agency, all students experienced approximately three months of instructional loss due to school closures. Students in grades 3-5 experienced significant drops in reading levels. Furthermore, some of the youngest students missed critical time in the classroom needed for early development.

• Pre-K enrollment dropped 22% in Texas public schools in 2020-2021.
• The number of 3-year-olds in early education programs also fell 22%.

Latino students remain among the most educationally disadvantaged groups in the country. Now, more than ever, Latino, and other underserved communities need help in bridging the gap and countering the impact of loss during the pandemic. The Concilio offers free programs to help bridge the gap and serve parents, students and the community. They aim to improve academic outcomes by motivating and preparing parents to take an active and supportive role in their children’s education.


Parents as Leaders (PAL)

This 30-week program helps parents of children ages 0-5 become kindergarten ready. PAL equips parents with the knowledge, confidence and skills to:
• Boost their child’s vocabulary
• Strengthen their child’s literacy and numeracy skills
• Improve their child’s motor skills
• Support their child’s social and emotional development
• Partner with their child’s school and teachers

Parents Advocating for Student Excellence (PASE)

This 9-week program helps parents of children in elementary through high school learn how to support their child’s academic experience. PASE teaches parents how to:
• Promote learning at home
• Understand the public-school system
• Communicate with teachers and counselors
• Set high expectations for academic success
• Encourage good behavior and positive self-esteem
• Support their child on a path to college or other higher education

This fall, these programs will be offered in schools in districts such as, Dallas ISD, Duncanville ISD, Fort Worth ISD and Trinity Basin Prep.

Set your child up for success this school year! For more information, please visit or call 214-818-0481.

About the Concilio

The Concilio is a nonprofit organization that has been unlocking opportunities for Latino families in North Texas for 40 years. By unlocking opportunities for underserved families, they build stronger communities and a stronger future we can all share. The Concilio works to accelerate healthy lifestyle changes in communities by educating families to make healthy choices and offering access to affordable resources that support long-term change.

The Concilio: 650 Fort Worth Avenue, Suite 250, Dallas, Texas 75208

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