Reading with You – Spring 2023

NBC 5, Telemundo 39, the Fort Worth Public Library and Reading Partners North Texas are Reading With You. Listed below are an assortment of wonderful books that young readers can check out for free during spring. 

To apply for a free Fort Worth Public Library card, click HERE. Any student currently attending pre-K through 12th grade at any formally recognized educational institution in North Texas may borrow Fort Worth Public Library books at no cost. Students do not have to be residents of Fort Worth to do so. They can get a Non-Resident Student library card from any Fort Worth Public Library location and the card provides them access to digital content as well as physical materials.

Fort Worth Public Library - Book List 

You can find these books and more in the Fort Worth Public Library catalog at

Board Books
My First Brain Quest: ABCs. By Marisa Morea. Help your baby learn their letters and the sounds they make with a playful conversation. In the catalog HERE.

Peekaboo Rex! By Sandra Boynton. Follow a lovable T. rex throughout a day as it plays peekaboo with a friend. From the bestselling author Sandra Boynton. In the catalog HERE.

Easy Readers
Lola and the New School. By Keka Novales. Lola is anxious starting a new school in the middle of the school year, but her grandmother’s advice helps her be brave. In the catalog HERE.

Spirit Rangers: Snoozing Sun. by JohnTom Knight. The Spirit Rangers from the popular Netflix show try to figure out why the sun won’t shine. In the catalog HERE.

Picture Books

The Blue Umbrella. By Emily Ann Davison. A magical umbrella seems to grow and grow during a rainstorm so everyone in town is able to stay safe and dry. In the catalog HERE.

Eco Girl. By Ken Wilson-Max. In a tender celebration of family tradition, a little girl becomes an environment steward to express her love for all things leafy and green. In the catalog HERE.

Twenty Questions. By Mac Barnett. Award-winning creators Mac Barnett and Christian Robinson tap deep into childhood curiosity with a mind-tickling ode to the open-ended. In the catalog HERE.

A Unicorn, a Dinosaur, and a Shark Walk into a Book. By Jonathan Fenske. The book’s narrator attempts to tell a tale about a unicorn, a dinosaur and a shark, but the three characters are less impressed and uncooperative. In the catalog HERE.

Children’s Fiction (grades 8-12)

Astrid and Apollo and the Ice Fishing Adventure. By V. T. Bidania. Astrid and Apollo and their father are excited to start their ice fishing adventure, but their very freezing mom is worried things could go wrong, which they do – sort of. In the catalog HERE.

Cookie Monsters. By Erika J. Kendrick. Brooklyn is going after the title of Cookie Queen as she goes head-to-head against her rival in the schools cooking-selling competition. In the catalog HERE.

Geronimo Stilton: Mouse vs. Wild. By Geronimo Stilton. Geronimo Stilton sets out to win a race against the wild. In the catalog HERE.

In Honor of Broken Things. By Paul Acampora. Three unlikely friends meet in a pottery class and learn how to piece their lives back together again. In the catalog HERE.

The Superteacher Project. By Gordon Korman. Oliver and Nathan, determined to get to the bottom of their new homeroom teacher’s fish behavior, discover that he is an AI robot from a secret experimental program. In the catalog HERE.

Children’s Graphic Novels
Squished. By Megan Wagner Lloyd. One of seven kids, 11-year-old Avery Lee is tired of being squished, so Avery launches a plan to get her own room. In the catalog HERE.

Rhinos at Recess. By Mary Pope Osborne. The newest installment of the bestselling The Magic Treehouse series sees Jack and Annie whisked away to Africa when they must save a baby rhino from poachers. In the catalog HERE.

Children’s Nonfiction
Optical Illusions. By Matta Crivellini. 152.148 Crivellini. Readers will be delighted to learn how optical illusions work. In the catalog HERE.

Zap! Clap! Boom! The Story of a Thunderstorm. By Laura Purdie Salas. When a blue-sky day turn into a rolling thunder storm as you learn how storms form. In the catalog HERE.

Fort Worth Public Library – Spanish Book List

• El conejito de Pascua : el cuento de un día extraordinario escrito por Carol Benoist y Cathy Gilmore e ilustrado por Jonathan Sundy [2013] In the catalog HERE.
• Mi pequeña historia de la Pascua escrito por Christina Goodings, ilustrado por Claudine Gévry y traducido por Alejandro Pimentel [2014] In the catalog HERE
• La pascua escrito por R.J. Bailey [2016] In the catalog HERE.
• Hop! Hop! = Salto! Salto! Escrito por Leslie Patricelli y traducido por Georgina Lazaro [2018] In the catalog HERE.
• Josefina's habichuelas = Las habichuelas de Josefina escrito por Jasminne Mendez, ilustrado por Flor De Vita y traducido por Adnaloy Espinosa [2021] In the catalog HERE.

April 12th - National Library Workers' Day
• Margret & H.A. Rey's Curious George visits the library = Jorge el curioso va a la biblioteca ilustrado en el estilo de H.A. Rey por Martha Weston y traducido por Carlos E. Calvo. In the catalog HERE.
• Rescatando palabras : José Alberto Gutiérrez y la biblioteca que creó / Angela Burke Kunkel ; ilustraciones de Paola Escobar ; traducción de Teresa Mlawer [2020] In the catalog HERE.
• Waiting for the Biblioburro = Esperando el biblioburro escrito por Monica Brown, ilustracions por John Parra y traduccíon por Adriana Domínguez [2016] In the catalog HERE.

Cinco de Mayo
• La piñata vacía escrito por Alma Flor Ada e ilustrado por Vivi Escrivá [2016] In the catalog HERE.
• Celebremos el Cinco de Mayo escrito por Carolyn Otto y José M. Alamillo, y traducido por Deborah Bonner y Mariano López] [2008] In the catalog HERE.
• El Cinco de Mayo escrito por Linda Lowery, ilustrado por Barbara Knutson, y traducido por Julia Cisneros Fitzpatrick y Mercedes P. Castañer [2005] In the catalog HERE.

Mother’s Day
• Cómo cuidar de tu mamá escrito por Jean Reagan, ilustrado por Lee Wildish y traducido por Raquel Mosquera [2017] In the catalog HERE
• Mi mamá es la mejor madre del mundo escrito por Magela Ronda e ilustrado por Ana Zurita [2016] In the catalog HERE.
• Te quiero, mamá escrito por Giles Andreae e ilustrado por Emma Dodd [2015] In the catalog HERE
• Te amo, mami escrito por Segundo D. Matias, Jr., ilustrado por Ghani Madueño y traducido por Juan Pablo Mojica [2015] In the catalog HERE.
• Mi mama es el mejor circo del mundo escrito e ilustrado por Luciana Navarro Powell y traducido por Joana Delgado Sanchez [2014] In the catalog HERE.
• ¿El canguro tiene Mama? escrito por Eric Carle y traducido por Teresa Mlawer [2002] In the catalog HERE.

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