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‘Okay to Say' Expands Conversation on Mental Health

NBC 5 invites you to join Okay to Say, a community-based grassroots movement in the discussion to increase public awareness of mental health issues and the effective treatments available for mental illness.

A lack of hope, knowledge and common misperceptions are often some of the challenges people with mental illnesses face. As a result, too many people with a treatable mental illness suffer alone and try to solve the problem themselves.

Okay to Say wants those suffering with a mental illness to know that they are not alone.

Join the movement and break the cycle by sharing stories and talking openly about mental health. The statewide effort launched with Emmitt Smith and Mark Cuban encourages Texans to add their voice through a social media campaign by simply adding their name to the pledge at Supporters can also share stories of how mental illness has affected them or a loved one, include statements of support, and add photos or videos.

Okay to Say is sponsored by the Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute, a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that supports the implementation of policies and programs to help Texans obtain effective, efficient mental health care when and where needed.

For more information about the Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute, please visit To join the Okay to Say movement, visit

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