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Find Your Purpose for a Longer and Healthier Life

Blue Zones Project hosts Purpose Workshops

What’s your reason to get out of bed every morning? Studies show that people with a clear goal in life, or something to wake up for every morning, live longer and stay mentally sharper than those who don’t. In fact, according to Blue Zones Project, a community-led well-being improvement initiative currently transforming Fort Worth, knowing your purpose can add up to seven years to your life.

Blue Zones Project is patterned after the environments and behaviors in the original Blue Zones®—pockets of the world where people are most likely to live to age 100 and beyond. Residents of these areas share common habits called Power 9®—lifestyle principles linked to longer, healthier, happier lives. Living with a clear sense of life purpose is one of the Power 9.

Your sense of purpose can come from something as simple as learning something new, watching your children or grandchildren grow up, or being engaged in a job or a hobby that gives you a sense of fulfillment.

Ready to start fulfilling your life purpose? Here are some tips:

•    Attend a Purpose Workshop. Take advantage of the FREE purpose workshops being held throughout Fort Worth. These workshops are designed to help you discover your unique talents and strengths. You won’t want to miss this opportunity to find out more about yourself and what makes you truly happy. For a complete list of workshops and to RSVP, click here.
•    G + P + E = C. To understand what your purpose is, try this equation. “G” stands for gifts, what you love to do. “P” is for passion, what you care about. “E” is for environment, where you do what you do. And “C” stands for your calling or purpose. If you are using your gifts to do something that you feel passionate about in an environment that is healthy and a good fit for you, you are most likely living your calling (or purpose).
•    Create a personal mission statement. If you’re not sure about your purpose, start by creating a personal mission statement. Ask yourself, “Why do I get up in the morning?” Assess where you are and where you want to be. Think out what makes you truly happy. To help, try keeping a journal to jot down thoughts and feelings.
•    Focus on your strengths. Understanding and using your unique talents and strengths will make you feel happy and valuable to yourself and others.
•    Listen to your heart. If you hate something, stop doing it. Get educated, get creative, and start doing what you love. Life is too short to be miserable. What do you love to do?
•    Learn something new. Try something that will “exercise” your brain—like learning a musical instrument or a new language. It’s like strength-training for the brain, and may even help improve your memory.

To learn more about Purpose and the other Power 9 principles, join the Blue Zones Project movement. Visit

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