Denton County

North Texas Food Bank Ready to Roll Out Container Pantries

The two trailers will be set up in Denton and Ellis counties

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North Texas Food Bank helps families in 13 counties fight hunger. It distributes donated and purchased foods through a network of more than 250 partner agencies. A pilot project will allow the nonprofit to help even more people.

"This is a great opportunity to reach a little deeper into those rural communities and provide a solution there," said Kim Morris, director of community relations for NTFB as she showed off two new container pantries.

The pantries are on wheels, mobile grocery stores, if you will, stocked with food to help families fight hunger.

"These pantries can serve 120 people a day with a full amount of food at a week a time. You're gonna get milk, fresh dairy product, fresh produce and also shelf-stable, those important canned goods folks need in their pantries," she explained.

"By offering client choice, it preserves the dignity of that individual. It gives them the opportunity to take control of the hunger needs they have in their home."

North Texas Food Bank launches a new pilot project to expand its reach into rural communities.

NTFB will pilot the two trailers in Denton and Ellis counties. There's a need for more services there along with community partners willing to take on the project.

"The goal for us is to not leave these in place forever but to leave these as an opportunity to support our partners as they grow pantries," Morris said.

The first container pantry will roll into Denton. Christian Community Action hopes to have it placed later this month.

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