2017 Solar Car Challenge

July 19 – 22

NBC 5 and The Solar Car Challenge Foundation invite you to the 2017 Solar Car Challenge. Teams experience the fun of the 2017 Solar Car Challenge by driving four days at the world famous Texas Motor Speedway. The event will begin Wednesday, July 19th, at the Texas Motor Speedway in Fort Worth and ends Saturday, July 22nd, at the Texas Motor Speedway. The 2017 Race will feature a new racing division: the Electric-Solar Powered Car.  This division features a two-passenger electric car powered by permanent charging stations. This brings “realism” to solar car racing!

The Solar Car Challenge is an educational program designed to help motivate students in Science, Engineering and Alternative Energy. Students are taught how to plan, design, engineer, build, race and evaluate roadworthy solar cars.

High School teams began preparation for their year-long project during educational workshops in September 2016. Additional workshops, on-site visits, mentor opportunities and camps help propel the projects to success. After qualifying, teams get the opportunity to drive their solar cars at the world famous Texas Motor Speedway.

The Challenge has 181 high school solar car projects in various stages of development in anticipation of an upcoming solar racing event. Teams are located in 36 states, Mexico, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico and the Bahamas.

Solar Car Challenge 2017
July 19 – 22
Texas Motor Speedway
3545 Lone Star Circle
Fort Worth, TX 76177
Qualifying:      Sunday/Monday/Tuesday July 16-18 at the Texas Motor Speedway
Event Begins:       Wednesday, July 19th at the Texas Motor Speedway
Event Ends:        Saturday, July 22nd at the Texas Motor Speedway

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